Read what others say about working with Etirsa


Read what others say about working with Etirsa


I wasn’t booking many runway jobs, which shook my confidence in my walk. My agent at FORD asked me if I would like to take a runway class with Etirsa, and I said yes. I’M SO GLAD I DID!! My walk needed to be refined; which is exactly what Etirsa did. She is sweet, professional, patient, observant, and has an amazing walk.

There were three girls in my coaching session and she payed attention to each of our struggles and spent time on us. I have been booking tons of runway jobs now. And because my walk is refined I will be walking in NY Fashion Week this September! Not only that, but I was also featured on the cover of Apparel News from a fashion show I walked in. I’m very confident in my walk now, and I’m thankful to Etirsa for being such a great coach and taking the time to help me out.

Enjoli Jackson

I had an awesome and fun time with you at the runway class while being taught so much from a pro like you! Thank you for sharing your experience with me and improving my walking skills! 🙂

Kristin Shoppe

I benefited a lot from the runway class…Working with Etirsa helped me have a stronger walk, and I was very grateful for the experience. She is a great teacher and is very helpful

Emilie Martin

Hi, my name is Erica and I have worked with Etirsa in the Cayman Islands for Allure Fashion Week in 2015. I have never had a modeling coach before, but Etirsa made me look, act and walk like a supermodel in less than a week- literally. Etirsa’s best quality is communication and I believe that’s really important when working alongside models or anyone for that matter. She was patient and took her time to truly dull down my mistakes to help perfect my walk.

A few months after meeting Etirsa and opening for Allure Fashion Week 2015 I was contacted by Marie Claire Magazine to do a shoot for the January 2016 edition for an article titled Global Beauty, which was shot at Rum Point in Grand Cayman. I used techniques I had learnt from Etirsa to gain a spot in the Magazine. Twenty girls did the shoot but only 7 were chosen. I am looking forward to working with Etirsa in November 2016 for more challenging exercises to perfect my walk, model demeanor and good laughs.

Nuff love till then,

Erica Farrington

“I think that you’re a great runway coach!”

Jerica Lamens


Working with Etirsa has been an incredible experience! Through her infectious, upbeat passion for helping others achieve success, she has instilled a strong sense of confidence in my daughter’s ability to walk the runway. I am so glad we connected with her and look forward to working with her in the future!

Jennifer Kelley, Nicole’s Mom

It was such a pleasure to meet you, my daughter was such a chatterbox all the way home about how much she learned and how beautiful and kind you are.  It was such a great experience for her.  I look forward to having her take some more classes from you so that if Ford ever wants her to try to do some runway shows she will do the best job possible for them.

Diane Martin, Emilie’s Mom

There is nothing better than the feeling when you watch your child blossom and excel from the guidance of an exceptional teacher. How blessed are we to have met the wonderful runway coach Etirsa. My daughter Kalia (with FORD) was motivated and inspired by her and learned how to “walk the runway” beautifully. Etirsa possesses grace, poise and a dedication to her craft that shines through so brightly while she’s teaching. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her and look forward to continuing to learn even more from her!

Suzanne Prescott, Kalia’s Mom

When my daughter first entered into the world of modeling, we found ourselves navigating uncharted waters. Thankfully, we found Etirsa, an experienced and professional coach to guide us through the process.

Etirsa has mentored my daughter Samantha, helping her to realize her full potential and achieve her personal best.

Etirsa continues to guide our family with her unique insights, sound advice, and steady encouragement. She has helped us to make good decisions and avoid the common pitfalls in the business of modeling.

Amy Davis, Samantha’s Mom


On behalf of myself and the organizers of Allure Fashion Weekend we want to extend a heartfelt thanks to you for playing an integral role in the success of our first fashion weekend. The response has been outstandingly positive from an international and local standpoint.

We are in the planning phase for Allure Fashion Weekend 2016, of which we sincerely hope that we can count on your continued support and participation.

LimeLite Productions

“…you are by far the BEST runway coach I have hired. You work with each person and what THEY HAVE and just fine tune it instead of trying to make them walk exactly like you. I have seen such a dramatic improvement in such a short amount of time like with the girls from the charity show, or with the model we hired for the GUESS fashion show who had never walked on a runway before. In one session you had her looking like she did shows all the time.”

Susan Koziak of Koziak Productions